CCHIP uses tailored algorithms with data from large networks of monitoring stations and collections of climate models to produce defensible, decision-ready information.


By a team which includes IPCC authors/reviewers and the Chair of the Climate Change Working Group of the Climate Load Task Force of the National Code Commission of Canada.


CCHIP provides actionable insights to help decision-makers plan and prepare for future climate impacts.


CCHIP makes complex climate data and model outputs accessible to a wider range of planners and decision-makers than ever before with an easy-to-use, web-based interface.


CCHIP combines local data with sector-specific parameters to generate insights that reflect conditions of direct relevance to decision-makers.


The time for action on climate change is upon us! CCHIP provides decision-makers from across public and private sectors with the insight needed to adapt to future climate challenges.

Adapting to a new reality

Climate change is a reality, and CCHIP provides the most comprehensive data, analysis and projections to ensure governments, industries and organizations can minimize the threats and maximize the opportunities it brings.

Actionable Insights

Transforms outputs from all the most recent Global Climate Models (GCMs), and other climate information, into actionable insights.

Quality Controlled Data

Uses quality controlled data from numerous networks and large ensembles of models, with the oversight of staff with decades of climate and meteorological experience.

Cost Effective

Cost-effective, web-based portal makes climate change data and impacts accessible to smaller organizations.

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